Saturday, 30 January 2010

I can't say I got the same childhood kick today

Today we had planned to go to Montebourge to the "fete des pepinnieres", The town is transformed into a street market and the local nurserymen come to sell this years bare rooted trees and bushes. I say we planned to go, because I was ready and waiting, and so was HOSS, but the Explorer was as flat as a strap and would not start, what a good job we still have theMondeo so we decamped, left HOSS behind because we were by now highly strung and not in the mood for a family outing. I only have to say..."back later" and HOSS settles at the front door to do his duty and guard the house.....We have to let him fulfil his ambitions sometimes to justify his name ........Head Of Site Security........ The fete was good, we did not need to buy anything but we did need to take a good long look at the amount of bare root these professionals leave on their trees. We have some big willows and conifers to move next month and are struggling with the concept of lifting all that root and mud, so we need to take a leaf out of the French pepiniere bible of bare rooted trees and take the minimum root, then say a pray, it must work for them. We now have the confidence, by looking at their stock today to just dig the trees up and replant them, we must stop talking ourselves out of it by reading our books .....sorry Mr Titmarsh......but we need to get radical and take a few risks or we will never do it..... We did a big furniture swap upstairs this afternoon, I remember doing it as a kid and what an uplifting experience it was to move all your stuff from one room to another and somehow it felt that you had turned a corner and was setting off on a new adventure. Mike and I were pleased to get a few furniture issues sorted, but I can't say I got the same childhood kick today.....

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