Saturday, 9 January 2010

snow snow and more snow

It has snowed again over night and all our tracks are covered so lots more virgin snow to trample. HOSS is in his element and his "play with me" bark echos around the field, we both walked the field this morning to check the rabbit trap but it is windy and very cold so back in for a day of warm activities. Yesterday I got my mac to see Mike's wireless printer technology is just amazing.....but safarie still quits when I try to upload a picture here so perhaps today is the day I sit at my desk and sort it......
We have fed the ducks, swan and chickens and the cats are on bigger portions as the mice and juicy snacks are way down in the snow, both cats are bleating and complaining everytime we make a move but hay.....they need to get into the barn and eat what is in there...mice and rats...that is their job and duty.
We didin't go to drinks gathering with the Maire last night cause it is just so snowy and this morning I got a call from Genevriere to see if we were both OK, I explained that we don't take risks in the dark, if we have an accident it is a language nightmare for us, we are not yet hardened country folk and that is how it is......she was a little miffed but that is who we are..........

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