Sunday, 24 January 2010

Not playing games yet, but maybe looking at the challenge

What a lovely day off, I prepared a roast lunch for Peter and Sarah and HOSS got to run around the field with his little doggie friend Dana. A couple of weeks ago Leclerc was selling their Pork at half price and I cooked, carved and froze 4 joints. Putting a roast dinner together has become quick and simple, but oh so good. I picked the brussel sprouts on my walk with HOSS before breakfast and all the other veg were from stock even the apple source was bottled compote from the orchard. We sat down at midday and as Mike and I were not driving anywhere in a hurry we let the wine flow and chatted about all and nothing. Peter and Sarah have been in France five years longer than us and we always manage to learn a little from each other about the ins and outs of surviving the french system, it is never an ex-pat reunion, just good mates sitting at table enjoying lunch. We all got up at four o'clock did a turn around the field and then said our goodbyes. The end of the day was in true "day off" style, curled up on the sofa. I am reading a book based on the story of Pompeii and it is gripping stuff so I wrapped myself up in my favourite blankets and had a good read. Mike is enjoying his new laptop, it is fast and he is surfing the Internet like a real youngster. Not playing games yet, but maybe looking at the challenge

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