Thursday, 7 January 2010

4x4 and on

Mike wanted to get out today and drive the explorer in real live snow and ice. Our roads are not treated and I was curious to see if Brevands was not actually cut off. We did a ring around and got an order from Jacqualine for butter and bread.....forget the milk as long as she has butter and as we ate all her bread Tuesday lunch I was glad to be of service. Carentan is well salted so no problem there but the moment you drive outside the town centre then the roads are white and slippery but the car behaved well and I was very impressed. Nobody is shopping in this bad weather and the meat department in Leclerc slashed their prices and I bought 4 pork joints and roasted them on our half price lunch time electricity and sliced up enough pork to make 16 dinners for two for 12 a bargain.....We have stashed our 300 bottles of new cider in the garage and had a bottle of last years tonight.....lovely

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