Thursday, 14 January 2010

Paper is read to firebrick to compost, mission accomplished

We have stayed off the roads today although the thaw is well underway and the green grass is appearing if not a little quagmirish. Mike has asked HOSS, and me, to choose a different line each time we go into the field to try to cut down on the mud.....tough call. I had a moment of recycling today and took a trudge into the field via a different run HOSS on the snow because he couldn't care less where he exercises, we sprinkled walnut shells over the budlia garden as mulch, deposited coffee grounds around the azalea in the garden-garden to up the Ph levels, dumped yesterdays wood ash onto the compost heap and collected a few leaves off the cauliflowers for the chickens. The poor little chickidee chicks whom I am very fond of have been living in the garage since mid December to protect them from the fox during our visit to the UK, then the weather turned and we left them there. They are better off in the dry but have no greenery and cauliflower leaves are just the best. On the subject of recycling Mike has truly got into the spirit and is carting heaps of my paper bricks to burn along with the logs. I worked consistently all summer stripping our waist paper, soaking it in water then packing it into my brick form to produce a burnable paper brick. My friend Sarah delivers all her waist paper and recycles her jars and champagne bottles and anything she feels I will use again. If we manage to use things twice we are delighted but three times is missions accomplished. and the paper goes from read to firebrick to compost and is truly.... mission accomplished.........

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  1. Really enjoying reading of your daily exploits and feel as if I'm there with you both ... and HOSS, of course. xx Mim