Tuesday, 12 January 2010

good game, good game, but I want my green field back

It is a week today since we had our first snow and now the vista, though stunning, is icing over and today is the coldest I have felt it here. I came in straight from the cold having havested some brussel sprouts for tonight and the fridge felt warmer compared to the outside, it all felt a bit silly. The bin men slid their way to our gate this morning and I pulled our neighbour's bin onto the road as they, and I, had no hope of seeing them this week but in the muted atmospheric sound of a snowy scene I heard them trundling down the road and had time to get my bag to the gate. Can't say the same for the post woman as we saw her in leclerc yesterday at the very time she should be delivering our letters and we have had no news or bills for that matter since last Thursday. Mike is developing a small-bird haven around the cart and garden table with corn, bread and fat balls we have never been keen twitchers but there is very little else to do so watching the great tit, blue tit, fatso robin and his slimmer robinmate have us both glued to the window just watching nature deal with this cold spat. As we speak the Brevand's commune gardener is driving his tractor around the one way system to clear the snow ridge so he is pretty fed up as well. I know it is the same for everyone but the joke is wearing a bit thin now and I want my green field back ............

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