Friday, 15 January 2010

warming up the outside to a perfect 12 degrees

2 years ago we bought 2 wood burning fires, dirt cheap, with the determined objective to put a wood burner in the kitchen fire place. Our determination was put to the test when we found a well worn but serviceable mini range in the second hand shop and then we came across the new all whistles and bells shiny version in the wood burner shop and it became difficult to know which way to turn. We got a quote to have a fire installed by a professional wood burner expert but the bill amounted to a cooooool 6ooo euros which included lining the chimney with a stainless steel tube and that part of the quote was an even cooooler 2000 euros. We questioned the need for a liner, and were flattened by the words ... it is the we talked my sister and brother in law out of their authentic looking wood burner that runs on calor gas and that suits us just fine..... We now have wood burners galore and today Mike set one up in the back yard with a flue, attached to the herb bed (which actually is a metal bedstead) and lit it to see if it leaked. The snow has thawed in the back yard except for a heap that Mike pushed off the roof of the camper and as Mike and I stood watching the little wood burner do it's best for global warming, HOSS sat on the pile of snow in his own little way helping the thaw along. The fire did not leak, and we are seriously now considering installing it in the potting shed to up the anti on the seed growing season by warming up the outside to a perfect 12 degrees for good germination.......

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