Tuesday, 19 January 2010

I am happy to be part of something that is so much bigger than me.

Good, bright and warmish today, the field is drying out nicely so we wandered into the allotment to try to get a handle of what needs to be done before planting starts again, then walked out a bit overwhelmed by the apparent collossalness of it all. We will do as we did last year and just let the progress schedule flow over us, it all works out in the end......she says with great confidence. Mike has planned the installation of the staircase in the barn so a visit to our favourite shop "Point Vert" to buy the bits he needs was called for. We then took a quick run up to Ravenoville for a brisk and windy walk on the beach. We took yet another of those "la mer" roads and HOSS got his promised run off as far as you like walks. The carpet looks great but now the scatter cushions look naaf so I will need to think about that one another day. We are not into designer interiors but when something starts to grate then you have to apply yourself. I went to choir practice tonight, we are a week behind already and the prospect of learning so many new tunes just turns my stomach but the good news is that we are singing Handles Saraband ( the old Levis Ad music) and I am totally in love with it. When we had our hall in Watten I used to play it full blast just for the thrill. I did try to convince Georgie it would be a great tune to walk down the aisle to but she wrinkled her nose ....I guess it is a bit heavy...but I am singing it this summer season, and I am happy to be part of something that is so much bigger than me.

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