Sunday, 10 January 2010

when you know you have made a mistake

More about the title later. Today has been an indoor day due to yet another snow flurry and as it is Sunday we are entitled to stay in. Mike lit a fire mid morning and we went about our jobs knowing that soon we were going to be sat in front of a blazing fire and that would be our RIGHT. Despite the need to sit tight there are still chores that need to be done, feed the ducks and chickens empty the compost buckets walk HOSS and check the rabbit trap and today I coaxed Mike out to do a circuit of the field with me in the deep snow and he noticed that the wood was under attack...only he would see that . Two years ago we planted 50 trees to create a wood and at the time we put 50 little chicken wire collars around the bottom of each tree to protect it from the ravages of the rabbits. Durng this summer I removed a row of these collars in the firm belief that the trunks were beyond the rabbits delight but today we saw they were not and I had to do an emergency cover up with plastic bottles. I cut and placed 9 bottles so that the bottom of each tree is now protected from nibbling rabbits. I knew I had made a mistake by taking the chicken wire away and Mike did say at the time perhaps I should not, but there you go, look, learn and take heed.......I also got my water colour paints out today. To get over the fear of a blank piece of white paper to paint on, I painted on a piece of is absolutely awful but a very positive start. We toasted bread on the fire for afternoon tea today the toast tasted the same but we felt a warm glow for being so close to the fire while we ladened our toast with oooodles of home made jam and fresh coffee....yummmy

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