Monday, 4 January 2010

first day back at work

I tried to add a picture of the house for those who have not seen where we are, but Safari quits every time I try, so that will be the next challenge I think, I will need to upgrade my system and as always that means change which means frustrating hours at the desk getting everything to work as it did......we hate being in doors, but the shorter days help us to accomplish a lot more admin stuff than we do in the summer. Today Mike has changed the seal on the washing machine, not very fab France-living for the first blog but that is life, and the seal just had to be changed. We had the seal flown in from the UK and after 11 days away for the festive season the wash epic has begun. Today we have been in melancholy mood as Georgina starts her new life in Canada and I have watched the screens all day not daring to venture out in case I missed her news but did, and got an e-mail from Debbie in Australia to say George had arrived and all was well.......cry, I could have auditioned for a mothercare TV ad, parenthood is tougher than you expect and there are no courses to cover it. Right one over, the temperature outside is plummeting and we have closed the shutters and hunkered down.

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