Wednesday, 6 January 2010

frosty and snowman came to visit today

Still no safari, no pictures so I have contacted a mac man to see if he can help. EDF have written twice now to say the monthly electricity payments need to go up at least 25% so I called to say no way, so we stay as we are. I have no idea why EDF try it on as they never quibble about us not wanting to put the monthly payment up, very different to the UK.
Well, finally it snowed overnight and I couldn't wait to get out and tread some fresh powder and it was great. HOSS just went bonkers jumping in thick snow up to his belly and the whole atmosphere was magical. Morning constitutional over, I made coffee defrosted pain chocolate from the freezer and went straight back to bed and joined Mike watching French TV proclaiming it helps with the lingo but I just think we like sitting in bed with coffee and pain chocolate. We cleared the snow off the poly tunnel which is all about weight of snow verses stretch of plastic but it was a good job done and if the sun does make an appearance at least the tunnel will heat a little. In for the rest of the day, it is bitter and we deserve to stay in. see what tomorrow brings.

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