Tuesday, 26 January 2010

We will fill the day, and that will move us on a little further.

I am a fraud.....I sit at my mac before I go to bed and send you a little taste of what has happened today but as I sit here at 9.57am waiting for my porridge to thicken I can only give you a taste of yesterday, doesn't that happen so automatically and without warning. So, yesterday, we had a bright and warm invitation to finish the hedge, Mike cropped the top and pulled out the brambles at one end and I just pulled out brambles starting at the other, theory being that at some point Mike's job gets easier at the point where he may start to feel he is doing all the work.........good theory, and it worked. I then man handled all the dechete from the hedge 20 yards down to the bonfire site which it is looking very 5th of November so as soon as the wind is in the right direction, because we do care about our neighbour's washing, we will have a fab fire. After lunch we went back onto site to clear up and I pulled up the last of the leeks, only good for soup now, and I picked a huge basket of Brussels for the freezer. Oh, and I am blanching those as I write.........I will get the soup pot ready to boil up on our half price electric that clicks in at midday. Here we go again, another not so bright day, we haven't decided what to do today yet, but we will fill the day, and that will move us on a little further.

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