Wednesday, 13 January 2010

When down on the beach, run on the snow

Today we were utterly stir crazy and as the thaw has now truly set in after our dump of snow last night we decided to go to the beach at midday. I have become the worlds worst passenger and the sensation of slipping and sliding just gets my nerves on edge and I just want to turn back but Mike is made of sterner stuff and we made it out through Carentan to Utah beach. HOSS starts his "play with me" whimpering as we leave St Marie Du Mont and we are always amazed if not a little tired of this ritual as we are still 3 kilometers from the car park. I am sad I still can't attach pictures but can you believe it, the beach was covered in snow above the tide mark and would you credit it even more that HOSS ran the entire length of our walk in the snow after all the effort to get him to the beach for a snow free zone to exercise and take in a fresh outlook.......just like kids, you go out of your way to please and they like it the old way, doggie proverb, he say...."when down on the beach, run on the snow, it really makes your people growl".........!

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