Monday, 18 January 2010

All in all, life is once again very much back in order

Even in the loveliest place ever you can start your day with pointless activities and outlook. I needed a post office to post Georgina's "have a nice life in Canada" card and Debbie's birthday prezy but we spent so long getting out of bed we were still tucking into boiled eggs at 10:00 and as the shops shut at 12:00 there was no point in going out until 2:00. Having had breakfast so late we missed lunch and you all know how grumpy you get when that happens, so we set off at 2:00 and ambled aimlessly through the countryside thinking and chatting, we do our best problem solving in the car and ended up by default in St Lo at the second hand shop ( if in doubt go to Troc in St Lo) We are always looking out for a number of things like good quality garden furniture, a piece of furniture to put a sink on in our bedroom, wardrobe ideas and anything that takes our fancy and today we definitely had our fancy tickled. A huge carpet in reasonable condition to replace the hanky sized rug in the lounge and a wooden stair case to put in the barn for easier access to the loft area where we store lots of garden material and all of Beema's spare sails. So, now we are motivated and ready for action. Mike will build his stair access and I will clean the carpet and re arrange the Lounge. HOSS will be delighted that he has free range of the field for the day and all in all life is once again very much back in order

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