Monday, 1 February 2010

Our storks are back and that means....summer has arrived

Normandy was plunged into snow blizzard conditions yesterday afternoon and we both made an involuntary sigh of naaaah, not again, We were out, on our way to the beach and turned back so HOSS never got to see the sea......Mike lit a fire, it seems to be our reaction to snow, I was delighted as I just love the atmosphere of a blazing fire, but once hunkered down it is hard to get up so we sit and lounge potter. I have decided to give up on knitting a blanket which I have been working on for a year....but not enthusiastically, and I have turned to crochet......are you bored yet, stick with me .....watching the TV and doing something else is actually quite relaxing, Mike surfs the Internet and I, now crochet. I went to u tube and there are hundreds of video clips showing you how I did, and I am off, but not before I unpicked a years worth of knitting to recycle the I'm bored. This morning was crisp and cold with a thin layer of snow over the field but as soon as the sun came up the snow literally fell off the roofs and we are boggy and wet again. Mike and I took a walk to give HOSS a run and to check the rabbit trap and as we went up through the gate past the barn we both heard the familiar clacking of storks and I screamed with excitement to see that our storks are back and that means....summer has arrived

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