Thursday, 4 February 2010

I water the newly planted, and say .."now grow you bugger"

It is warmer and brighter today and I grabbed the moment and got Mike unawares to agree that moving the laurels would be a good activity and we would have fun......When we moved in, we brought a laurel with us in a pot, it was a plant that our friends Lyn and Howard gave me for my 40th birthday so I have owned it for fifteen years. The Laural really did not like the move, we gave it a year to settle and bought another from Montebourge last year to make a pair, but they both took offence taking strength from each others misery and I decided it would be kinder to move them both into the back yard out of the wind and hot hot sun.......which we do get, for about a day.....We cleared all the raspberry canes out of the yard about a month ago and I had been planning a flower bed of sorts so the area was ready, although I had ear marked the space for the oleanders we propagated last year, the Laurels needs were greater today. Job well done, Mike managed to lift them both without too much effort although they were big plants to move and I helped by passing the tools, getting compost and cooing kind words of apology to the plants themselves. My biggest contribution however is the after plant encouragement and in true Titchmarsh style, (and you will have had to read his autobiography to appreciate), I water the newly planted, and say .."now grow you bugger".... Happy Birthday Georgina


  1. Loving the Blog Viv
    Can I send a link to Alan Titchmarsh ? :o)

  2. yeah, if you think he would enjoy it....glad you are enjoying this, it is actually my diary for the year and I am printing it off as I go along. Mike doesn't read it so it will be a surprise read in a few years ya