Saturday, 20 February 2010

which is probably why Foxes make lousy hair dressers.

When you have a Boss and clients to consider taking a day off work because you feel rough is as simple as picking up the phone and saying....."I feel rough and I am spending the day in bed".....When you are only responsible for yourself and a gaggle of ducks and chickens it is so much harder to say ..."I feel rough and I am spending the day in bed"....Today Mike was very much below his best and I sensed that by standing in the kitchen just looking, meant he was waiting for permission to stop and get better. So we spent the day in front of the box watched three films and snacked on stuff and cups of tea. It was cold and miserable outside and even HOSS was happy to play along. Glad to say that Mike is very much better this evening so his planned hair cut took place. Mike and I have only had our hair cut three times in the past four years so we are both long haired and unstyled and have both decided that the Jesus look is really not allowing Mike's natural good looks to shine through. We went onto U-tube and watched an hour of clips...about cutting hair at home. I took the view that even if it all goes horribly wrong it will grow so I made the first cut and then I was away. Mike looks so much better now almost tidy and business like again and tomorrow he will do mine. HOSS was not at all happy during this intense 30 minutes and obviously sensed I had no idea what I was doing and lay flat on the floor grumbling. When Mike went to shower HOSS put is nose into the hair on the floor and just stood there, it was quite weird. We keep mikes hair now and put it in little net bags and hang then around the chicken as Mr Fox really hates the smell of human hair which is probably why Foxes make lousy hair dressers.

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