Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Ahoy there me hearties, we may just be off sailing again

We have a silent member of the family who has taken a step back from our new life and both Mike and I have struggled with what to do with....Beema.... We have known our beautiful boat for 36 years and owned her for 8 of those years, she has a close connection to us having been the John Lewis sailing club flagship from 1974 to 2002, then ours ever since so selling her has been an impossible choice. We have, therefore, decided to give her one more year to see if we can fit her into our lifestyle here in France ( I know we probably said that last year and the year before but bear with us on this one) . We set off this afternoon after a morning of gardening to deliver our renewal application for a berth at Dielette now at a cool two year wait, but the journey across the peninsular is long and arduous and frankly if we are looking for a better way to sail Beema this is not the right approach. Cherbourg is an easy thirty minuet drive up the N13 dual carriage way and the Marina access is all states of the tide so we thought it logical to go there and see where we were on the berth waiting list. There was much tutting and "patientez s'il vous plait" when we asked the question, and then quickly gathered there had been a clerical error in 2007 and our new address here in Brevands had not been updated on their system. We suspect they had been waiting for a back lash, and here we were, so within fifteen minutes we had a choice of two pontoons and the option to pay quarterly....which is a far cry from Carentan offerings. The deal is double the price we pay now but the facilities are so much more superior and if we can't pull our finger out and get sailing again then Cherbourg will be a better place to sell her. We are however, quite excited about the prospect of day sails and overnighters. Our Dog Kennels, called animolidays.....are on the way to Cherbourge so we will be able to put HOSS into safe hands if we want to take a few days to cross over to the channel islands or even the UK.....ahoy there me hearties, we may just be off sailing again

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