Monday, 8 February 2010

Can he fix it...yes he can

For the first time in my life I went into a simulator, we were at Cite de la mer in Cherbourg as it was Sunday, the day of rest, and the weather was inclement, so we did a trip to the bottom of the sea, the Disney approach to this event sent Mike into embarrassed despair as he watched intelligent co-herent adults fall into the role play of deep-sea capsule crew, and I was at the front of the queue, I had a good time. We have paid an extra 5 euros each to have our fifteen euro entry fee extended to a year of limitless entry. Mike and I often hit a halt, and need a place of learning and entertainment, a good old fashioned museum and huge aquarium will probably fit the bill for the next year. We took the coast road from St Vaast to Cherbourg which never ceases to amaze and cannot believe how lucky we are to be living in such beautiful surroundings. We have found a small camp site right on the beach at Jonville and have promised ourselves a few days in the camper for a change of atmosphere away from the to do list. We have discovered a very friendly mini-digger-hire-man. There are now several projects that really need Mike to role-play Bob The Builder and have already gone through the process of trying to afford a digger, because Mike has to own....but we have now found this chap in Insigny who will rent us a 2.5 tonner for 150 Euros a week, that is a lot of digging and Mike is now setting out his action plan so he can get the hard landscaping done in a week. Can he fix it...yes he can

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