Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Amazing what a whiff of newly mowed grass can do.

It is days like today that we thank all our lucky stars and count our many blessings that we are in France and retired. There was a stiff frost and the whiteness over the field as I swung open the shutters momentarily gave me a shock of recurring snow, but no, it was just cold and very sparkling. We both set off on our own 'to do' lists' I had a few chores that once done, put me right up there with the righteous. The cats have found a way of jumping from the top of the shelving in the out house into the loft area over the work shops. Some time ago Mike came out ranting and very raving that his tools were wet and smelt of Cats the time our first cat was rearing four kittens and had her Tom up there as well so we shsh'd them down and moved the ladder to limit access but our new gang have found that a good jump and a pit of clawing gets you up and into the best play area on site. HOSS absolutely hates them up there as he has no hope of joining in and barks helplessly to dob them in and now is very satisfied that the game is stopped and life can get back to normal. I have moved the shelves to the other side of the area and made it less of an attractive leap for the sake of a warm, hay filled loft. The sun shone full on all day and I pulled all the bedding from HOSS's room out for a good airing and then cleaned the cars out. Mike made a new collar for the grass collecting box and at one point I heard the reassuring noise of grass being cut and when I went up to check on progress the atmosphere on the field was full of hope and possibilities of a dawning season, amazing what a whiff of newly mowed grass can do.

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