Friday, 26 February 2010

We have not thought about it but it has just happened.

Good heavens, it is Friday again and we are into the weekend, not that it makes that much difference to us except that if you don't have your fruit and veg in by Saturday you go without. It is actually not that bad here any more because sadly for France, the tide has turned since we arrived three years ago and all our supermarkets open Sunday morning. We still can't get our heads around it and vow never to go but we will, and the next thing will be 24 hour shopping .....tragic. The sun showed it's fab little face today and although there was a violent wind we did manage to get the sleepers into place at the beach garden. This garden has been a real on-goer and has doubled in size in the two years that we have been developing it. We have spent two winters going to the beach collecting shells and pebbles and today we put the final touches so all that is left is to place the gravel for the sitting area and then collect only the beautiful pebbles, shells and drift wood instead of this commercial approach we have had to take to cover the area. We bought yet another trailer of gravel and after I had paid for it I realised that I had paid quite a bit more this time so we questioned the very nice young man who assured me the price was right but took the time to look at all our previous invoices and then offered to sell us our trailer load at the previous price ...just this once.....We will need more gravel so it will be interesting to see how that pans out. We are now seriously starting to plan the next two months, the potting shed roof needs mending so we can switch the electric warm-seed-bed on and then we can start sowing. I went to pick fresh lettuce from the poly this afternoon and I can honestly say that we have picked something from the garden for an entire year starting mid March we have not thought about it but it has just happened.

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