Saturday, 13 February 2010

Our majestic willow has buds, not long now.

Exercise for the day was a quarter mile walk carrying a pallet off the beach. We are always looking for pallets and can't believe how hard they are to come by. There is a company in town who have piles of the blasted things in their yard and we stepped into reception with the attitude that this was their lucky day, we were going to relieve them of all that trash in the yard but nooooooooo, jobs for the boys, I recon they all take them home and use them as fire's the currency of winter life here. We have purchased a six meter length of ditch tube so the gate project is starting to move on, we need to get it installed and then Mike will have to present his plan for the mini digger work and in true boardroom behaviour style I will be tetchy and difficult so that he has to rethink and re-present....isn't that how it works in real life no point in just accepting it on the first run. The snow is nearly cleared though we are constantly threatened by light flutterings now and then, we just hold our breath and hope is all goes away.....good news though..Our majestic willow has buds, not long now.

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