Saturday, 6 February 2010

I never thought I would worry about compost, but I do!

Moving tall trees is actually a piece of cake when you are the assistant. I marvel at Mike's ability to dig holes, and his approach to lifting our willows, now 6 feet tall, with our new born confedence meant that the big and most delicate operation of deciding where to dig the new holes, and why was even more of a sinch...for me...We did take a little time to make sure this would be their last move and the ten year plan is still, to plan . We recycled the support posts from the pile of branches from the tree that fell in the winds a couple of years ago and that is a positive, in the past Mike has shot off to the shops for such things but now we really do benefit from thinking outside of the bank account and look for a reasonable alternative in stock, on site. We have been beach combing these last few days and apart from our regular two bags of pebbles we have gathered some good wood, I am visualising a pretend groin in the beach garden and we have decided to invest in four more railway sleepers to get the beach garden complete before May. Sarah has e-mailed me that a farmer in Insigny is still advertising sleepers at 13 euros each and if we go, can they come too? so we may just get a work party up for that project. I never really thought too much about water and where it fits into the hierarchy of needs and requirements in a garden but this last dry summer has made us acutely aware that you need plans and back ups to keep a garden like ours damp if not wet. We had a small roof pouring rain water all over the compost heaps and saw the error of our ways by putting the composting operation there. Guttering was installed to collect the water in a huge but and all summer that worked well, but in the winter when you don't need water, the but over flows and the compost gets wet so we found ourselves back to square one. Mike did however come up with a solution and introduced an overflow system from the but so during the winter we water the orchard and keep the compost dry.....I never thought I would worry about compost, but I do! Happy birthday to Blue for yesterday

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