Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Farmers should be there to fed the nation not rip us off, but we love them anyway.

HOSS had a bad paw and although he is a dog and it shouldn't really does. He has a weakness in one of his paws and gets a little sore bit that he licks to distraction and then it swells and .....well no need to go graphic but it takes a Mum to take over and strap it up in old socks and apply spray-on antiseptic until it heals ....he is not a happy puppy...We still call him that despite his 4 years because he acts and looks like a kiddie wink of a doggy. Mike and I stood looking at the chickens in their enclosure and Mike just made a comment about the fact that they really don't have anywhere to take shelter from the rain and wind unless they shoe horn themselves into their posh hut which is only designed for night time accommodation. A comment like that sets off a chain of reaction and before we knew it a plan was forged. We are giving the chickens the duck house. We have observed that the ducks have absolutely no interest in their palatial structure despite what the UK MP tries to tell you, ours are happy to sit under a bush with their heads tucked in their wings during all weathers . The duck house, now renamed the chicken shelter came out of the pond area and Mike was making alterations to allow our bulky and ridiculously gauche cock space and access to take cover in the wind and rain, the girls will follow him where ever he is so his comfort comes first. I in the meantime started digging over the patch in the allotment given over to the onions this year and then it started to rain so all work was abandoned. We did pop out to get our railway sleepers and got a bit of a deal not much because nothing is a deal when dealing with farmers but we came away with eight sleepers for sixty one should be there to fed the nation not rip us off, but we love them anyway. Happy Birthday John

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