Thursday, 11 February 2010

And for all of that, they never say thank you.

We are not using the alarm clock as we don't need to be anywhere and it feels good to wake up naturally but for some inexplicable reason this morning I was up by 7:30 threw open the shutters and saw white, white, exciting, with tea out of the way I got HOSS up and out and we went to tread new snow. I have really not seen too much snow in my conscience life and the concept that snow can hurt just isn't something I would have considered until this morning. HOSS and I pretended to have a good time but he stopped and looked at me wondering why on earth we were not getting out of this blizzard of tiny ice gravel.....Well the snow just fell and fell, we skyped Australia and pointed the laptop out of the front door, Deb and the gang are in a heat wave and they are dealing with melting tar mac and temperatures of twenty five degrees over night.....We played avalanche, clearing the snow from the poly tunnel roof and generally mooched about, at one point the snow was falling and the sun was out, I made a dash for the camera as the light was fantastic but all too quickly gone. We took a walk up into the field to check the rabbit trap, and of all the days to get trapped, the cage was totally engulfed with snow with an adult rabbit inside looking very sorry and decidedly peeved. We don't kill our rabbits just drive them down the road to open country and wish them, bon continuation. We were unable to get the car out so we have left him in the warmth of the work shop and I will try to release him tomorrow, and for all of that, they never say... thank you.

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