Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Get your make up on HH I'm coming to take your picture.

Rain is an understatement for wet weather when it rains and rains to distraction like it did yesterday. All the work I did in the garden the day before though was rewarded as everything is now well watered and happy. I left my wellies outside the night before last and have an absolute hate of putting my feet anywhere unsavoury and waterlogged boots fall into that category for me, so I have been plodding around the field yesterday and this morning in Mikes Wellies which really changed my swagger and made me feel decidedly farmers wife and bulky.
Today we moved the chickens back outside. The happy brood have been in the garage since Christmas so that they were easy for our dear friend Genevierve to manage during our visit to the UK, but enough pandering and back they go....not being an expert of cause, but I did get the feeling they were quite happy to be out in the fresh air again, and I am looking forward to hearing my big boy cockadoodling now that the mornings are brighter. Mike has been getting the hang of his new computer and has discovered the purchase button, We have had all sorts of magical things on order but the strangest was an endoscope....quite cheap..... Initially it is to take a look under the bath to see what the plumbing is doing before Mike starts breaking a hole through a 3 foot wall to install the basin in our bedroom. Now having seen this camera on a stick at work I will be off into the field as soon as the weather improves to poke around in the hedgehog boxes to see if we have had any residency this year. Get your make up on HH I'm coming to take your picture. Happy Birthday Lorna for yesterday

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