Thursday, 25 February 2010

We ended up on the beach and HOSS put his poor paw in the sea

We both woke up like bears with sore heads....why is that, once one starts the other just gets on the grumpy band wagon. We have peanut butter thanks to Peter's last jaunt to the UK so breakfast was taken care of, and then a skype to OZ to see some sunny faces and warm stories of life down under. I am always cheered when the girls call in and with the new PC' it is like seeing them on the TV, fantastic. We started the day by unloading the sleepers from the trailer and they are unbelievably heavy things to man-handle, we laid them out on the drive and then the unexpected happened!!! started to rain.....but as we are so delayed in our projects we chose to ignore the pitter patter on the pond and transported two sleepers to the beach garden and then had to admit defeat and hit the tea pot for the umpteenth time this week. HOSS is still troubled with this paw and a trip to the sea is out of the question now that the skies are laden with rain.... stir fever set in after lunch, and when Mike walked in with a piece of broken roof from the potting shed I realised that the only way out of this fever was a trip to BRICO DEPOT for a touch of retail therapy. We hit the second hand junk shop in Cherbourg one of the best in the area then did our chores in the builders merchants. We had taken the camper to give her a bit of a run but she let us down and we punctured a back tyre........Mike nursed her down to "Profile pneu"...and they took the wheel off, mended the valve and put it all back together for freeeeeeeee, then the sun came out and we ended up on the beach and HOSS put his poor paw in the sea.

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