Monday, 19 April 2010

What a fantastic place we have here in Brevands.

Mission accomplished and Beema is safely tucked up on pontoon G85 in Cherbourge. We had a great motor round Gatteville light house, there was not a breath of wind, so from far, far too much wind and chilly back lash to glorious bright, sea state smooth with mid summer tendencies, all changed in one day...breathtaking.
HOSS did not fare so well and decided to get the ump at Sarah's and did not go near his food for two days despite her gentle way with him. I have trained him to only eat when I have invited him into the bowl and it is all done with a whisper and twenty seconds of eye contact, any of you in doggie knowledge knows that twenty seconds of eye contact is good.....but not if you have not told the baby sitter. All in all though he behaved and Sarah and Peter will have him back but I will have to give him permission to eat in my absence next time....dogs, who'd av em.
Both Mike and I are bronzed and leather like after our day out at sea. Thibaut across the road came over as soon as we appeared at the gate to get the news as to where we had gone and how it all went...worse than Coronation street, and the first thing he said was 'wow' have you been in the sun.....!
We treated ourselves to a BBQ after a walk around the garden to make sure everything was still in place. We love to go away but we just love to come home. Beema is our cottage at the seaside and we will go once a week to either sail or just be in Cherbourg for the sites which gives us a break from the to do list and the opportunity to realise what a fantastic place we have here in Brevands.

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