Thursday, 22 April 2010

I often wish I had done a blog like this, then, to read now.....isn't hindsight a great thing

What a fantastic day, a bit chilly but so bright and full of the thrills and spills of spring. We over slept this morning, I shut off the alarm a few days ago and today it caught up with us and I came out of a very busy nights work dreaming and putting the world to rights at eight thirty, I got up to see to HOSS and let the chickens out, then back to bed with a pint of tea news on French TV. The reality that football and a slim scattering of world news will certainly set you up for the day ahead. French news is a fifteen minute loop and does not include politics or bad news in any depth is great.
We went to the marina in Carentan to meet some people we have come to know and then off to Cherbourg for our promised day on Beema, it was blowing a hooley so we left HOSS in the camper and went onto the pontoon.....I just love it there, great memories of marina life and the high pitched whistle of wind in the rigging is so good for the soul. We have put Beema's table back in place, we removed it six years ago to make way for a double bed in the salon but we now feel with the addition of HOSS we need floor space and a table inside to sit at, and perhaps play games and most certainly eat in. The job was done in just a few swift turns of the screw driver and we now have a double bed kit if we ever want to convert her back but for now it all looks good. I had a lay out on the cabin roof this afternoon looking into the blue azure sky and pondered on the white lines of vapour criss crossing over my head and I was reminded of a day when the kids were quite tiny, driving past the cooling towers at Didcot and Debbie, sat in the back of the car, innocently asked if they were the cloud makers. What a lovely memory of bringing up your children, we still call horses, hortis and I can see Chris's little chubby fingers pointing at every hortis we passed and for George, we still talk about her collection of key rings and the day she dropped them into the Thames but Mike went back during the week with a strong magnet and found them , he still does amazing things like that. I often wish I had done a blog like this, then, to read now.....isn't hindsight a great thing

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