Monday, 5 April 2010

We have committed to mow grass in earnest in the morning, touch of maniana

We have concluded, that as we should be in gainful employment at our age, any work we do here on the ranch, is work! it is gainful as it puts value on our investment, it keeps us off the streets and occupied. With this concept embedded in our psyche we can honestly put our hands up to having done a good days work today. Our friends Anna and William as I have mentioned before have stones and boulders in their garden and today we went with our trailer in tow to pick and nick for our garden designs. It was all very barterish in terms of process, we all picked for us until the trailer was groaning into it's suspension units and then we carried on until Lunch to pick and place stones and boulders on the perimeter of their spanking new terrace around their spanking new house. Both Anna and I were left speechless, but not for long, watching Mike use all his powers of fulcrum and lever appreciation managing single handed to move huge monolithic lumps whilst we hand picked the smallest and most maneuverable in between a good natter and a good load of gossip. Job done for the day, we shared a fab lunch with loads of fun and laughter and realised that we shared so many things in common, Anna is an avid Croc wearer and blow me down, owns the same colour as mine, she also has just finished her round crochet blanket...and so have I ......spooky. We came home intending to mow the grass but, what went into the trailer had to come out so we barrowed tons on stones up into the boat garden and that is that finished, and looking great. Happily the meteo looks good for tomorrow and we have committed to mow grass in earnest in the morning, touch of maniana

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