Saturday, 10 April 2010

I know this will prove to be another of our great purchases at 35 Euro, I could flog it at Depot vends for 200 euro tomorrow.

It is so nice to have visitors who ohhh and ahhh at the work we have done here and we had a full years quota yesterday when Melvin and Dee, and John and Linda came over from the UK for lunch. M and D's last visit was two years ago and the changes to the garden and even the house are quite impressive and we both just so enjoyed having a bit of wowism to justify the hours of work and planning we put in each day. We had a wonderful lunch under our new gazebo, but the time was all too short and they were all bundled back in the car for an 20:15 fast cat from Cherbourg before we had time to take breath. The prezie of peanut butter and chedder cheese was well appreciated and we will relish the next proper cheese and pickle sandwich..
Mike has had a good result from the le bon coin free ads site, he saw a water bowzer for sale for 35 euro, galvenised tank with huge metal wheels and tow bar to hitch up behind the tractor. We never know what to expect from these type of Ads, probably the case the world over, but dutifully we set off this morning to meet the nice chappy who was patient and understanding in having to spell all the words in his address letter by letter, I have learned that if I do no follow this little procedure we get hopelessly misguided and lost when trying to find places. We were met at the gate by said very nice chappy and taken to the back of the garden where the most wonderful barrique d'eau all shiny, but still very antique looking sat waiting for us.. For 35 euros this was the deal of the day and we thrust the dosh in chappies hand and did a runner but not until we found we needed to take a wheel off to get it into the trailer and when the wheel slid off with no resistance we realised that we had a better deal that we could have ever imagined. This afternoon we filled our new Barrique from the well and towed it up to the wild garden area at the furthest point from the house and watered in our new little seeds, and they said thank you. I know this will prove to be another of our great purchases at 35 Euro, I could flog it at Depot Vends for 200 euro tomorrow.

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