Monday, 12 April 2010

Sarah is all primed up to have HOSS, so please cross your fingers for us.

Yesterday was Sunday, and we know that by the fact that radio four sounds completely different and once the organ strikes up we are up and out to find something to do. This time of year is prone to the odd car boot sale called a vide grenier which translated means empty your loft, and is not only the lofts to be cleared but barns, hedge row and rubbish heaps get a look in as well. The concept of pile it high and sell it cheap does not exists here so we really only go to look and reminisce. I am on the look out for cheap wool for my frantic crocher hobby and I found a box full of odd ends so I jumped on it, probably too enthusiastically, to ask the price and the dear old bat, simply shrugged her shoulders, so I presumed she was open to offers, and offered her five Euros, she looked at me as though I had stolen her life and took the box off me. I then asked how much for each ball end, and she priced her valuable stock at one Euro a piece, I pay one Euro for a new ball with a choice of colour in the shops and I told her so in no uncertain terms with a few Ahhh Non in there for effect. We came away empty handed and then popped over to Apperville to visit Anne for a cuppa and a lovely slice of lemon cake.
Anne lives on her own in a cottage she bought 16 years ago as a holiday home and while she was working has converted it into a lovely cosy home. She mentioned on Saturday, at our concert, which incidentally was fantastic and great fun, despite my worries about not being prepared, so Anne mentioned she had been robbed of fire wood, somebody had driven onto her field and taken half her stock. Mike and I were utterly shocked because nicking wood is as bad as robbing a bank and it just is not done, so I wanted to make sure she was feeling OK and encourage her to get down to see the Maire to have a moan and groan about the whole nasty incedent
The weather has turned windy and chilly, but we are still preparing to move Beema this week Mike is lost in the weather websites and tide plotter and we just hope there will be a little window for us to launch ourselves. Sarah is all primed up to have HOSS, so please cross your fingers for us.

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