Friday, 2 April 2010

We ate defrosted hot cross buns this morning and they were just great... thanks Mim.

Pestkie rabbits are having their debauching way on the 40 little hedge plants I dug in a couple of weeks ago and there is nothing more annoying to make my blood boil. I don't mind them having a go at the willow as they 'kind-a-like' a good prune but stay off my hedge ! . I baby sat the young chap across the road yesterday and tend to take advantage and use him to get a translation on tools and activities around the garden, I feel very comfortable asking a 12 year old fundamentally easy questions and he seems to like being so knowledgeable but I fear he misunderstands my motives and thinks I am a complete uneducated dunderhead and I wonder if I should read into the sweet smiles and knowing nods we get for the adults in the village. However when he comes over I always do something in the garden because we both benefit so I set off with chicken wire and metal staples to wrap all the new hedge plants in a rabbit proof coller..40 times...grrrrrrr.. During the procedure we ran out of staples and I asked Thibault what he would call them and his quick and confident reply was " un truc" which boldly translates to " a thing" so I was none the wiser and we set off with wire cutters to cut and bend a handful of truc....His Mum was horrified with his response but couldn't come up with a plausible one word descriptive answer either, so I just smiled sweetly and nodded knowingly. The digger turned up onThursay afternoon instead of Friday morning , crack of dawn, and as the sun was shining Mike set out immediately to dig an entrance through the heavily hedged boundary into the Field. This has been a year long project and we really needed to get the heavy work done so we can then take our time preparing for gravel. We are hoping to park the camper and tractor up there so I can own the back yard and make into an outside room....that was very design speak and if I mention that we can take a journey through it then Mike will squirm and leave the van there and call it the van park. Easter is with us before we have had time to contemplate a special treat but we ate defrosted hot cross buns this morning and they were just great... thanks Mim.

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