Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Mike has been glued to his PC with his finger poised over his buy button for the past three day now.....

Heavy work always rears it's ugly head on our physical condition two or three days after a hard days slog and this morning we both woke up like Zombies for the dark lagoon. My state, as the woman of the house was much much worse and compounded by the fact that I had a gruelling choir practice in the church at St Combe Du Mont to prepare for a concert on Saturday for which a we are ill prepared.
We were expecting a deluge of rain today so we cut the lawns yesterday and decided to do a complete cut and pick up, it means going over some areas twice but on our evening walk tonight we both felt is was all worth while, not quite the Augusta golf greens that brother Billy is hoping to see in May but passable for Downshire. We also took the opportunity to kick start the compost heaps and lasagnaed a good layer of grass cuttings, Mike put his hand in the pile in Kitten corner this afternoon and it was roasting in there so the rotting process will have sped up so we can recoup the compost sooner.
So, we are both tired, achie breakie gardeners this morning and I had already put today aside for rest but a visit to the hire company to pay for the digger was a priority and then it would be back to take things easy. Doing anything that has an flavour of authority gives us a little heart murmur because any discrepancy is a difficult and challenging affair, so the simple task of paying for a days hire is fraught with the possibility that we could get ripped off and taken to the cleaners but we were greeted like old mates and after the confetti display of paperwork all in triplicate, never a mention of a querie, like "how many hours did you really use sir"..... I don't know why we have this foreboding approach to anything with a process behind it but bet your bottom dollar the day we don't have the heart murmur and go prepared and alert will be the day it all turns sour.
Anna recommended that we look at a web site called Le Bon Coin, it is a free ads site selling absolutely everything and is regionalised so sellers are local, great site except that the Manche is a big place with loads of people selling their tosh and Mike has been glued to his PC with his finger poised over his buy button for the past three days now

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