Sunday, 25 April 2010

Things are delicate and we need to take I do.

Mission accomplished. We went all the way to a vide grenier in Valogne and then on to Yvtot and there I found a huge bag of wool for six Euros. What a great deal and I can now crochet until my hearts desire knowing it only cost me a few Euro. We had a lovely morning and then came back to just sit around for the rest of the day because we are still really hurting. I put in an hour of poly tunnel time which got us up to date and then tomorrow we start again.
We have arranged with an English builder friend to come in the week to help us install our double doors in the lounge. We bought the doors brand new at half price eighteen months ago and have not had the courage to attempt such a big job without a little know how, so our friend is coming to lend a confident hand. I will be up to my neck in dust and rubble but I am assured it will only take a few days and we will be all back to normal by the weekend.....yeah right.....
We are now waiting for some rain, the chore of watering is getting bigger and bigger as we plant more and more and although it is less when everything is established it is now when things are delicate and we need to take I do.

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