Monday, 8 March 2010

That nice double crossing chicken seller has climbed into the top drawer

It may be bright but it is so bitterly cold today that I have been caught out, as you would catch the sun, I have caught the cold. My lips are chapped and I am on my last legs with barely the energy to do this blog....OK, bit of a drama queen but the blue Skies and bird song do not tell the true story here today, there is talk of snow in the south of France and that easterly wind is just cutting us in two..... We did a rare visit to the Carentan market today, rare because it is always the same, over priced and packed with the wrinklies of Carentan and the surounding canton blocking the allies as they do their weekly catch up on gossip and stores. I like to go now and then just for the atmosphere which this time of year is buzzing. Today however was a bit special as the chicken seller was there. This very worldly and far as I could throw sold us our first clutch of hens and the cockadoodledo, we have gone back to him several times but have never managed to make a decision but today we did. I have been managing the chickens recently, cleaning them out and generally doing for them so Mike is giving in and has let me have two more. Nice Mr chicken seller let me choose two then tutted to himself that they were not ready to lay yet and picked another two, Mike smiled wryly probably thinking I was being taken for a ride but I am trusting this bloke and home we came. I have put the new hens in the heneriera but separated so that they can all get acquainted without squabbling and the cockadoodledo has already taken a great deal of interest.....two young little fillies for his delight I can hear him thinking.....Mike and I went and planted 300 onions and 100 shallots in the afternoon and I took refuge at the ironing board and Mike took refuge in the potting shed sewing seeds for the rest of the afternoon. As the sun started to set and the temperature plummeted even further I set up a cage in the barn to overnight the new arrivals and when we went to carry them in had laid an egg......we were both flabbergasted......and that nice double crossing chicken seller has now climbed into the top drawer.

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