Sunday, 21 March 2010

I like horses they have this 'I know what you're thinking' look about them.....spooookey

We made it to the show jumping in Auvers this afternoon but first, we sewed seeds, pricked out seedlings and cleared up in the poly tunnel. Mike set himself up in the potting shed or the germination center as we now call it and I set up workshop in the poly, whilst working and concentrating I let my mind wonder as I pricked out 100 marigold seedlings and it occurred to me that I probably sewed 1000 seeds and only the strong and keen who were able to get their two leaves up in time for pricking made it to the next stage. Isn't that just like life. Mike has grown 30 melon, 50 tomato, 88 cabbage, and 15 broad bean plants and we have trays and trays of other stuff just busting to burst out. We had a discussion about quantities and have decided that when we have enough for us to plant out and a couple to give away then we will chuck the excess and concentrate on what we have. Last year we tried to plant everything we grew from seed but realized that Mother Nature facters in a fantastic insurance system that gives you so much more than you need in case she has a bad day. So far we are way ahead of the game but failure is on the side lines just waiting to take part.
I think Show jumping is such good fun, Mike was not over excited but was very impressed with the horse boxes and we had a good few hours doing something we have never done before. I like horses, they have this 'I know what you're thinking' look about them.....spooookey

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