Tuesday, 23 March 2010

spring and warmer things to come is truly promised.

What a busy few days we have had, not that we find we run out of time but events just fill what time is available and then the evenings are for breathing and crochet, and blog took a rain check. So what has been going on.....We have the oil filter for the boat and that went on today I have a real anxious nature when it comes to things mechanic or mending and always think the worst so when it all comes good I literally breath a sigh of relief and that is exactly what I did when I saw the filter go on and the checks to make sure it did not leak complete, job done. We have been fairly manic in the garden I re-potted 44 box hedge plants that we propagated in October and we have the same amount in privet so the hedging costs will be down to zero this time next year. We have a Veronica which originally came from Mike's childhood home in Moordale Avenue, Bracknell. We have moved it from Devonshire Cottages to Chatsworth Avenue in 1981 to Port Solent in 2000 and then to France in 2006, It has been in the middle of the lavender garden here since 07 and today we dug up the two clumps and split them 8 ways, 6 in the wood garden and 2 in the beach garden so I made my apologies to each piece and ordered it to grow and we will see how they all develop this year. The willow tree by the pond is once more a willow, all green and tumbling, and with the daffordiles at it's feet, the introduction to spring and warmer things to come is truly promised.

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