Sunday, 7 March 2010

It is too early for the weeds to grow..but they will

What a treat this morning...the first of the years vide boot to you, and such good fun, we will travel some distance on a Sunday morning to have a good rummage. Mike has been wanting to buy a new glass for our Gazlamp and has been astonished that the glass alone is seven euros but today he bought the whole lamp with perfect glass for two euro so he is very chuffed. I am always on the lookout for cheap wool for my blanket and anything for the garden. We are rarely temped to over spend as we both have a keen eye on a bargain and walk away more times than get hooked, fortunately the French put great value on second hand junk so you must really want it to buy. We came home via Gefoss fontenais beach and were horrified at the damage the high tides and easterly winds has done to this little stretch of estuary on the Insigny-sur -mer side of our bay. The good thing out of all this erroding is the way the sea has washed all the sand off the pebbles and there was a huge bank of flat round stones just ready for the picking so we took our usual two bags and also came across a 2 meter piece of timber that Mike thinks is off a trawler, we hope the boat is OK...... it will form part of the barrel bench we are creating at the boat garden. With such great weather we stayed out doors and Mike switched on the warm bed to sew seeds in the potting shed and I cleared the beds in the Poly tunnel. We are therefore officially on our way for 2010 and from now to May will be all hands on decks to get the veg and flowers germinated and planted out. All the growing areas look clear and tidy today, it is too early for the weeds to grow..but they will..!!

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