Monday, 1 March 2010

I think I won on quantity..... not quality.

It seems we made it through the tempete, can't say the same for the Vendee and Charante regions in France with 50 people killed in floods and wind damage. I came out to walk HOSS this morning and all seemed well, there was a ground frost so it didn't even seem boggy but I was troubled, there was something different and I had to walk to and from the house twice before I realised there was a big bit of sky I don't normally see behind the Poly tunnel. I ran up into the bedroom and threw open the shutters to see out over the pottager and saw that madam next door's huge conifer tree that usually stands behind the polly was uprooted and playing dead along our fence. We need to go out and buy a lottery ticket as this was luck looking us straight in the face. The wind was in the right direction for us other wise this enormous tree would have flattened our treasured polly tunnel ......and my lettuces. We had visitors today, Anna and William back from a month away came to deliver a pot of peanut butter...can't buy it here...Anna was very excited about my crochet as I had taken it up since she left and I showed off my blanket now five feet in diameter. We are both new at this crochet lark but I think I won on quantity..... not quality.

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