Monday, 15 March 2010

Come back soon to shovel more shells with us!

We bought a trailer load of gravel for the garden two weeks ago and were quite shocked at the hike in price and with the amount of ground cover planned for the garden we called a momentary halt to the proceedings until we could take stock and consider the cost against the need. As always with a problem to be solved we talked a lot in the car and last thing at night knowing very well that a solution would be found and that we would benefit from this time in limbo. On Friday we saw the solution and today we collected. The long and short of this tale is a chance glimpse at a pile of scallop shells behind a fish processing plant in cherbourg on our way to collect Mim and Dick from the Ferry terminal, we jotted down the telephone number and called the factory next day to see if these shells were give aways....a donner...and the answer was a resounding oui, so today on our way to drop Mim and Dick off at the Ferry terminal to go home we loaded a trailer full of used and 'a donner' scallop shells so that tomorrow, the expensive question of gravel ground cover on the boat garden becomes a free shell solution. We spent a great four days with Mim and Dick and hope they will come back soon to shovel more shells with us!

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