Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The old battle axes better watch thier moves tomorrow or they will be for the pot

You have heard the term 'pecking order'.... well, we are experiencing it in real life here in the heneriea.....hen enclosure.. Yesterday we let our new-comers free to roam amongst the other inhabitants of the heneriea and as soon as they started to strut their stuff the cock came over to pay his respects and then the older hens let rip and started a bundle, pecking, clucking and chasing the youngsters off. It was wicked and so unnecessary and it sent the little sweeties off under the duck house to take cover. Mike and I stood in the bitter cold wind just making our presents felt and putting in the boot where required and then it was afternoon tea time, and they are hens after all said and done so we left them to it. When it came to closing the henhouse for the night we found the hard core tucked up on the top floor and the youngsters standing by the door wondering what happens next....fortunately they are very easy to handle so I picked them up and gave them a clucking cuddle and shoved them in with their very own box for shelter and this morning that is where I found them not brave enough to climb the ramp into the upstairs sleeping quarters. The good news however is that these little upstarts are already laying eggs, I found one under the duck house and another in the grass so the old battle axes better watch their moves tomorrow or they will be for the pot.
Happy Birthday to Blake yesterday good to see you on skype today...

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