Saturday, 6 March 2010

I remembered why I enjoy sailing, a full set of sails is an awesome sight.

We had a day two of halves yesterday, Mike was keen to get down to the boat again...Beema can't believe she's just a boat, with all this attention he is giving her...should I worry??...but as it was frosty he decided to wait until the afternoon. The time was then given to gardening and it is me who calls the shots, I was up into the allotment to move more willow trees. I dug one out as a bare root and had an attack of confidence so I went to fetch Mike for his opinion. With a spade in hand he then effortlessly dug up another four and we BOTH went to replant them. I have decided to put a row of willow along the ditch between us and the sheep field, there is a hole in the boundary on that side and I like the idea of a row of willows, it reminds me of the Thames and when we chugged up and down in Hannah and Sheer bouy. Mike broke sweat and broke a spade as well so nothing unusual there, we will need to invest in some quality tools sooner or later but I hope Mike will weld the spade AGAIN, but then I think I am pushing my luck a bit too far.......After Lunch we left HOSS in charge of the house and went to measure up the extension invention and it fits and it works, so after another coat of paint we will set it up and let HOSS decide the best way to approach his access problem into the warm and cosy place we call the cabin........I really hope he can suss it out. The sun was hot and dangerous I could feel it burning my face this early in the season, but we took advantage of a light breeze and got all of Beema's auxillary sails out and hoisted them all one at a time to dry them and look for damage. There were people promenading around the marina and we gave them a good show with the huge colourful spinnaker cracking and flapping her way dry and I remembered why I enjoy sailing, a full set of sails is an awesome sight. Happy birthday John H for yesterday

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