Thursday, 18 March 2010

I am not sure I like the shells in the boat that IS a problem

We have been living together 24/7 for three and a half years now but have very rarely had a serious tiff and these days we have learnt to tolerate and accept to a completely different level. I was pretty rolled over this morning as Mike and I had a conversation last night about moving Beema to cherbourg and he suggested that Friday would be a good day and if Sarah could have HOSS then we could walk to the Marina to collect the boat and then when safely in her new mooring catch the train home from Cherbourg all within 48 hours...that to me sounds like a plan and I arranged doggie sitting and started to get things ready for the trip. This morning however a whole sleep later, we are not ready to go, the weather is iffy and there are a million jobs to do on the boat before we attempt the transfer ect ect. No point having a barney, just postpone the doggie sit put the boat bag to one side and start all over again. I insisted we went to the boat to review what needs to be done to get Beema readier than she already is and Mike started an oil change on the gear box. It is on occasions like this that living with a foreign language and culture becomes an almighty effort and challenge when you discover at the local motor factors that the oil filter you have just dismantled and distroyed in order to get it off is totally not available, and absolutely not available, and not available any more..... not words or notions we can put our heads around easily but we have learnt that you must be persistent and not break off eye contact and keep asking the same question and delve into the what ifs and whys if anybody else should come to them with a problem like this. We spoke to three different men on the counter as they slowly but predictably lost interest in our dilemma but finally got the younger of the three to pay attention and we have put an oil filter on order for Monday...but there are no guaratantees as to whether it will fit.....scarey. So not a great day today and worse is that I am not sure I like the shells in the boat that IS a problem

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