Saturday, 20 March 2010

John Wayne was as good as it got for the rest of the day.....lovely

There is a horse show in the next village and we thought we might go over and have a look, there is a beuvette which promises beer and perhaps some chips and the plan was to dig over the broad bean plot and then set off, so that was the plan and then it all changed. Despite being retired from the rat race we are not old in the fashionable sense of the word but we do tire quickly and have lost that twenty year old's ability to work all day and still have the energy and will power to go out all night partying. We dug over the plot and cleared the pesky weeds I walked two barrow fulls to Kitten corner and if you have been paying attention you will know that it is 250 steps from the allotment to kitten corner and pushing a very heavy barrow must whop up the calorific spend . Mike walked over with me on one trip and as I grunted and weezed myself across the 250 steps Mike whispered words of encouragement in my ear and pronounced himself my personal trainer and all of this was really good for my oestioperosis (which I currently don't have) and preventative measures should make all the difference. I really fell for that line and ended up pushing yet another load over but this time Mike did bring his own gym session with him. Digging and cultivation is hot work and by the time we had made more changes to the boat garden, which is now an absolute epic we cleared the tools away pottered around with the 'germination plant' and that was the end of that. Stiff legs and twinging shoulders meant Saturday afternoon in front of the TV with John Wayne was as good as it got for the rest of the day.....lovely

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