Sunday, 14 March 2010

I count my blessings on both sets of fingers.

We have Mim and Dick with us and have been doing what Mike and I normally do on our own, but this weekend as a team of four. There has been a huge pile of hedge cuttings just waiting for ignition when the wind is in the right direction so as not to suffocate our precious neighbours, and happily today, it was that time. Mike and Dick set to with bottles of petrol and matches in hand to light this monument of a three day hedge cutting saga. It seemed to take for ever to ignite then both men ditched their coats to deal with the heat and Mike went a very serious shade of pink as the fire roared and splattered into action and within half an hour, and just in time for lunch it was a small white hot pile of ashes. We slipped off to the coast while it simmered and picked the last of the pebbles for the beach garden.....what a relief, and to have willing hands to help us with this epic moment felt great. The sun shone and it was quite frankly, pleasantly warm and not at all the March we have had to endure so far, thank goodness we are at the turning point. It is Mothers day and Mim and I have spoken to our Mum twice on Skype and both Deb and George have come to see us from their corners of the world, Mim is now a Skype convert so I am now looking forward to some fun face to face chats in the near future with her. To top my day I got a phone call from Chris to wish me Happy Mothers day so all my bases were touched and I count my blessings on both sets of fingers. Happy Mothers day to both our Mums my sisters and me.

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