Sunday, 12 September 2010

Makes your mouth water just thinking about it, but not this year.

We have stayed in for the past two days to get a few jobs done before we set off back to the UK for a few days. I started out yesterday with secateurs in hand to prune the current and raspberries bushes and as I started I got an attack of non confidence and had to go and fetch the gardening manual to make sure I was doing the right cut in the right place. Mike came into the potager to see what I was up to and decided that he would trim the hedge behind the soft fruit area first to better access the bushes,... and that is how we go from a day pruning to a day hedge cutting. I am always the clearer upper on these occasions and we managed to fill three trailers of cuttings for the green dechete. I read that we are suppose to do two cuts a year but that is just too much like hard work.
I have today done my last food processing for two weeks, I am exhausted from standing at the kitchen sink but I know that during the long winter I will feel quietly contented whilst preparing winter fare with our summer harvest. The sweet corn has failed, it tastes like putty and is not sweet and luscious like we would expect. A little disappointing but natures way and the chickens are delighted with the turn of events. The only reason for our failure is perhaps that we sewed French seeds and as the french do not eat sweet corn like we do I suspect it was a variety that is not expected to be eaten off the cob directly, makes your mouth water just thinking about it, but not this year.

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