Tuesday, 21 September 2010

I have a feeling I am going to rack up a few hours in the next few days to get this baby on the road.

We've been back to the UK, if you thought that I was loosing interest, but I do not want to advertise an empty house on this huge, out in the ether style open book we have running here.
We caught the fast cat on Tuesday last week with a huge to do list which included a two day visit to the Boat Show in Southampton. We really needed this visit to put back into perspective the cost and commitment needed to own a boat like Beema. Mike and I made the decision whilst we were there that perhaps the time was approaching that we may need to put her on the market, but that was yesterday, and this is today, and we still have done nothing about this momentous decision. The rest of our time was spent buying all the things we just don't have the courage to pay for in expensive Euros, like exhaust system for the van, a windy hammer for the compressor, paint, wall paper, T-shirts, deckys, oil of Ulay, orange squash, PG tips and the list just rolls on. I did a daily cross off the list, and updated the situation on an ongoing basis, like being back in the office with risk assessment and health and safety consideration, so this visit felt more relaxed and in control. By the time we set off home we had spent quality time with Chris and Sam and had lunch with the Mums, Geoff and the Gambles so mission well and truly accomplished and when we drove off the ferry I was looking forward to freeing the dog from the kennel and putting on the chip pan of which we did, and thoroughly enjoyed.
A weeks worth of post brought good news, and we are once again, but we don't know for how long, back in the french medical system and when I checked the bank account the CPAM, NHS to you, had paid us back 167 € of Mikes 206€ dental bill, so the system works and I just might go and have my teeth looked at now, although, it is never the cost of dentist intervention that stops me, I am just scared out of my brain. When the kids were young I had to be brave and I went every six months like a good girl, but now I no longer have to be brave and I don't go........I can hear you all saying, for goodness sake, get a life..... so I promise to make an appointment....sooooon .
We now have two phone lines into the house , the original land line truly back on the land and a new Internet line that promises to give us free calls to UK land lines and an hours worth to OZZ and Canada but it has come to my notice that all our children live on their mobiles so the benefit is waisted but then again it is already waisted because it does not work yet and Having made a call today to the espace client I have a feeling I am going to rack up a few hours in the next few days to get this baby on the road.

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