Saturday, 25 September 2010

do I feel belligerent about nibbling bet your life I do.

We have just said goodbye to our over night visitors, and that leaves us a little melancholy but we had a jolly evening sharing sailing stories with Toney.  Liv has taken up acrylic painting and as a retired all girl school  teacher and learning guru was proud to show off her  progress and explain the best way to learn.  I was both inspired and a little jealous of her commitment and ability to get on and do what she has set out to achieve . Mike and I are really good at that together, but are finding it difficult to motivate ourselves separately, so, food for thought, and perhaps a little practice at not being joined at the hip all day to find time and develop some personal space and achievements.
The reason for this quick blog was to log one mole trapped and dead, (which is the only way to have a mole), and a rabbit in the cage. Mike reset the mole traps as there was still activity and you really need to catch at least two to clear an area, and now we are off to take  the rabbit trap down the road to free, Willy The rabbit, in a farmers field away from my plants, my tree trunks and my I feel belligerent about nibbling bet your life I do.

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