Thursday, 23 September 2010

Is to see if the little blighters have past our way.

It's raining and we are now confined to indoors. We have just finished lunch, Cheddar cheese on toast, a scarce delight thanks to Mum's food parcel from the UK, who never misses the point of an overseas basket of goodies and always includes Mimite, Chedder cheese and spotty dick. This morning 'we have mostly been' house wives as we have visitors coming for an over night stop. I always wonder why I don't clear up more often, it is fun putting things back where they belong and thinking of new and interesting ways to display and present ourselves. We spent two nights at Odney JLP partners club last week and I had got used to a shiny clean bathroom that miraculously cleaned itself when we were out so today I went though our pink manifestation of a bathroom and it is as clean and shiny as it can be.
Mike had given me the heads up on our impending rain last night so I wanted to get out and deal with the pesky moles that have made in roads to the lawns. Mike set traps in the wood before our holiday and caught two, and that put an end to the activity there, but at the new field-gate at the back of the garden mole hills as big as the Himalayas have appeared. I assisted Mike today to offer moral support but also as cheer leader and getter onner. I know that Mike gets a little fed up chasing these little blighters around the field albeit underground in very secret and mysterious ways but if you don't stop 'em they will take over and the lawn becomes pitted with brown mud marks where the hills were. Mike is well into his eightieth mole caught in his short career as master mole catcher but no end of encouraging coes and statistical acclamations makes the job any easier. Today we had the added torment of working with new mole traps suitably prepared to take off all trace of man smells but in their new state the trap part of the trap kept trapping before Mike could lay them in the holes and I could see that he was loosing the will to live, but carried on in true mole catcher modus operandi, whatever that might be, and saw the job to completion. All that is left for us to do tomorrow, is to see if the little blighters have past our way.

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